Find a product at home that has a distinctive package. Evaluate that package based on the four functions of packaging. Is the product a convenience, shopping or specialty good? Explain.

I like to drink orange juice as many times as possible in any given day. Especially when it is the hot summer, I buy orange juice and keep in the refrigerator at home. Among varieties of products, my favorite is Tropicana brand orange juice. After reading chapter 9 materials, I realize the packaging is one of the factors which makes the product attractive to the customer. I usually buy them packaged as cartons because of easy handling. Usually, each carton with a straw comes with different sizes making it more convenient for the user.

Product identification

Product identification is one function among the four functions associated with packaging. Tropicana focuses on designing its packages to improve the product and patient with special design techniques and strategies. Through these strategies, the company promotes its brand as naturally made orange juice using the text and visual contents on the package. It uses a vibrant orange color to grab the attention of the customer immediately to the product. Use of color and a big orange on the product conveys the message of freshness and uniqueness of the product by Tropicana. The white background of the package makes an effective color contrast where the brand name “Tropicana” is printed in green with big font size. The customer can easily read the brand name from distance as soon as the package attracts the customer attention because of the big orange with vibrant color and the background color contrast. It promotes the buying decision of the consumer with the persuasive tone of the package.

Product protection

Tropicana maintains a good strategy to protect the product of orange juice with the use of cartons made of solid but light paper materials. Orange juice is stored in the sealed carton so that it is protected from four in materials, insects, the time other damaging materials that can get into the juice. Also, the packaging is designed in a way that the customer uses a straw through a tiny hole which is also sealed preventing spills. It guarantees the freshness of the product inside because the carton is well sealed until the customer inserts the straw and start sipping the juice.


Convenience is also an important factor in packaging to retain the customer and attract new customers to the product. If the use of the packaging is complex, it discourages the consumer to repurchase the product. However, Tropicana has designed the packaging with solid but light paper materials so that the customer can easily carry it, store and use without going through many steps. It is also susceptible to accidental dropping since the material is paper in place of glass or plastic materials. Using the paper carton is also convenient because the straw is attached to each carton, and the customer only has to detach it and insert into the tiny hole by opening it with the sharp edge of the straw. Carrying and storing is also convenient because of the shape of rectangular box of the carton. On the other hand, one package consists of six or 12 small cartons that can be easily carried and stored. It does not waste the space in the refrigerator or shelf because of the rectangular shape unlike a bottled shape.

Product promotion

Tropicana seems to have focused more on environmental protection as an effective way of brand promotion. The carton is made out of recycled paper products that do not harm the environment like plastic containers. Also, it uses appealing texts that encourage take action such as “grab and go” printed on the sides of the carton. In addition to each carton, this phrase is printed in big letters on the packages of 12 or 6 small cartons. Also, the company promotes the high quality and natural product with other texts and pictures such as “pure premium” and “no pulp” to convince the buyer about the natural ingredients and the natural processing.