Discuss how ethics can play an important role in critical thinking and decision-making. How can you make sure that what you are doing is ethical? Be sure to cite your resources.

Ethics are the corner stones of any organization. Ethics are not like Laws that are enforced by concerned authorities. This makes them even more important as this fact gives the human resource a kind of choice to follow the ethics or not. Ethics can play an important role in critical thinking and decision making. Ethics play an important role in the moral development of an organization (Trevino, 1986). When an organization evolves morally, individual and collective decision making and critical thinking mechanism also evolve. Responding to ethical dilemmas is in itself a critical thinking and decision making process. These responses trigger rational and logical thinking patterns that contribute to thinking critically.

To decide what is ethical and what is not is a tricky situation. I personally believe that companies must have ethical codes in written forms. Research has suggested that the presence of these written ethical codes of conduct has positive results as compared to their non-existence (Somers, 2001).