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Fundamental Driving forces to work at FedEx

FedEx (Federal Express) is a US based courier delivery company founded in 1971 that not only pioneered in nationwide overnight delivery, but also introduced tracking of shipped goods. Offering flexible and innovative shipment services and solutions to FedEx clients is the first priority of the company (About FedEx, 2017). There are many reasons that competitive candidates prefer to work at FedEx. One of these reasons is the work environment and working conditions at the FedEx. The company values its employees and provides them supportive work environment and it claims that people are the foundation of their success and they are also key to their future.

The company promises safe, secure and in time delivery of shipped goods to the clients, and to keep up that promise, it empowers the employees, provides them an environment where they can think innovatively and creates a global culture. This global culture in FedEx offices allows its operating companies in Memphis, Mumbai, Dubai, Brazil and other places to encourage employees through equal and fair treatment (About FedEx, 2017). This diversity, empowerment and innovativeness makes work environment supportive and talented individuals find it best place to work. The company morally and ethically feels answerable to the clients for the lost parcels and to the employees for discrimination on the basis of color and ethnicity therefore, it takes every possible step to eliminate discrimination on the basis of diversity. This visionary and supportive behavior of the leadership is helpful for employees in all operational offices of FedEx.

The compensation and salary packages are second reason that attract employees to work with FedEx. The company is a tough competitor to UPS and DHL because it has strategic advantage of having competitive work force and innovative solutions (Hesseldahl, 2005) which it maintains by paying attractive salaries to its employees. Dishman (2017) discusses the salary comparison of UPS and FedEx and concludes that in most of the job categories, FedEx pays its employees more than UPS does especially in the top and middle management levels.

The salary at different levels is competitive for employees, if not higher than the competitors, although it is highest in market in most of the executive and CSR posts. The employees find it possible to grow and increase their skills which helps them in getting promotions and this also makes FedEx one of the best places to work with. The technological lead of FedEx is evident and it has left all competitors behind it when it comes to solution innovation for instance, the company first used the technology to track parcels and that is why clients have faith in the FedEx.

FedEx Practices and Policies

Diversity policies of FedEx are one of the best in Europe and the USA. FedEx newsroom (2009) informed about an award given to the company for its diversity policies. One of the most plausible diversity practice of FedEx is that it allows its employees from different religious backgrounds to enjoy adjusted work schedules during their religious festivals for instance, the Muslim employees are offered flexible work schedules during day time in Ramadhan so that they can easily fast.

The Newsroom also stated that the company is one of the most trusted employer as it facilitates its female workforce in best possible way. In Belgium alone, the company has 827 employees coming from 39 nationalities of which one third are females. This makes FedEx popular among religious minorities as well as women who find less job and career growth opportunities in the male dominated countries. Adopting diversity enhancement policies in FedEx can not only save it from costly lawsuits, but this will also help the company to boost up the moral of its employees at all management levels.

The organization also has reputation for implementation of best ethical policies and codes of conduct. The company believes that today it has become most important to act ethically not only because it motivates employees and earns trust of clients immediately, but also because it ensures profitability and business activity in the longer run. The Corporate Mission Statement of FedEx claims that all of its corporate activities will be conducted to the highest ethical and professional standards and the ethical guidelines of FedEx encourage employees to question their management if they see any unethical practice being undertaken around them (FedEx Governance and Citizenship, 2017).

The diversity, ethics and empowerment related policies of FedEx facilitate its employees on one hand and are beneficial for its goodwill generation on the other hand. These policies show that the company has positive attitude which most investors look for.

These employee friendly policies tell that a company which is good to its workforce will also care for the clients, society and the environment. The company can benefit from these policies while initiating its CSR programs as well as these practices and policies depict positive image of company.

Diversity and Work Attitudes in the U.S.

While hiring an individual, the employer looks for her age, gender, race, education, location, and previous work experiences. The decision of hiring an individual is often affected by the discrimination and when an organization effectively manages diversity, it can overcome discrimination against women, pregnant women, elderly people, disable people, people from minority race and religion. FedEx does so effectively as it ensures that its workforce is diver, not only outside the US but also in the country. In the US, the discrimination against women was common, however, the company ensures that women are paid equal to men and that their gender or pregnancy is not a hurdle in the way of employment.

There are differences among courier companies when it comes to diversity because most of the companies try to hire young male employees for delivering shipments, however, FedEx abstains from such discrimination. Harassment is a common practice in organizations that discriminate women and minority. The people of minority religion and ethnicity are often ridiculed for their scarves, beard, and festivals, but FedEx celebrates diversity and facilitate employees to observe their religious occasions. This creates harmony among employees.

In order to positively influence work practices and attitudes which are related to diversity, the leadership has to play effective role. It can device strategy to give importance to the voices of employees from all levels of hierarchy. Employees should be encouraging to share any creative and innovative idea that they conceive. They should not be stopped from sharing ideas or from giving feedback if they are minority and hold a minor role in the organization.

Sometimes a shipment driver from minority religion and race can give idea related to security or operations which may save organization from huge losses or vulnerabilities. So, diversity should be inculcated in the form of well thought strategy; it should not be left upon the will of team rather leadership should implement diversity.

Different work teams should be given written policies in order to acquaint them with the diversity policy and then there should be workshops and regular emails to remind them about the power of diversity in teams and departments. In the annual meetings and functions, diverse employees should be called on stage to share their experiences of working with FedEx, this will help in promoting diversity in the company at all levels especially middle management level.


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