The six dimensions of wellness

In 2 paragraphs, define the six dimensions of wellness discussed in the text   and, for each dimension, list two behaviors or habits that would promote its development

Based on the textbook., the six dimensions of wellness are:

Physical: which consists of having a good balanced with regular exercise, enough sleep, and healthy lifestyle. One can maintain that through eating healthy food instead of junk food and going to the gym at least 3 times per week. The second dimension is Emotional, which consists of having emotional attachment and comfort with one’s own thoughts and feelings as well as others. This consists of having a good friend to speak up to when facing difficulties. Also, expressing the feelings to loved one with comfort about personal thoughts is another example.


Another dimension is spiritual which consists of having a sense of meaningful life and purpose in life. This could be done through praying, meditating, and other spiritual activities. Another dimension is the intellectual which is formed by interacting with the world around us through open mind and learning. This consists of personal development through activities like reading, counseling, and other habits that develop the personality and mind and consciousness of the person. Environmental is another dimension which refers to the environment that we surround ourselves with as well as natural resources that we are part of. By being environmental friendly and save energy, we contribute to the environment. Also, a good habit would be to stay positive and spread love and positivity onto others at the workplace rather than stress is another form. The last dimension is Social wellness which relates to interacting and communicating in a good way with others. Other behaviors that would promote the development of that is through hanging out with friends and family, attending social gathering, and being sociable overall.