Executive summary

The following analysis seeks to suggest some of the measures that Steve can take to improve his chances of getting the tenure.  To get tenure one is required to observe professional ethics and satisfactorily complete a probation period which is prescribed as the full-time teaching for members of a faculty. Additionally, no administrator possesses the ability to waive the requirements of tenure (Best & Kneip, 2010). Steve has been working so hard to get the tenure. Despite this, there are some setbacks which may make him be excluded.

Statement of the problem

The problem is that during the five years Steve has been in the school, he has had a woeful track record. This is in respect to developing and graduating the Ph.D. students. There are also some complaints from the graduate students and many professors concerning his behavior. Further, his work schedule minimizes his contact with other people. Those seeking tenure are expected to work fulltime (Woods, 2006).

Causes of the problem

Steve’s problems may result from many factors. First, he believes that the Ph.D. students and the business school are not good enough despite the school having a national reputation for excellence. He also believes that only a few Ph.D. candidates are worth his attention. When the Ph.D. students were given seminar presentation to other professors and students, he would ask questions which made him look brilliant and others foolish and incompetent. He went through a competitive graduate program where individual efforts were more emphasized than collaborative and cooperative effort.

Decision criteria

The decision criteria will be performance based. This requires one to deliver services otherwise the individual is excluded from consideration (GrecoFigueira & Ehrgott, 2016).

Potential solutions

There are two possible solutions in this scenario. First, the Dean can choose to do away with the decision to help him improve his chances to get the tenure because he does not meet the general tenure requirements. He has also made the school to lose many candidates. Secondly, he can advise him on how he can improve his chances by observing professional ethics.

Recommended solution

Steve should try to observe professional ethics. He should also practice full-time teaching during the remaining one year.