Final Exam POLI 295

Part 1

Book Review

Enticement: This book contains a set of instructions and exercises that develop the citizenship, professional skills and providing the knowledge of a wide range of political and governmental concepts and information sources to the students.

Examination: It begins to teach students to read the political magazines and watch news channel critically and analytically. It gives attention on the trade of writing the basics of grammar, styles, and formats and then introduces students a variety of precious information resources that include the Federal Register, The Library of Congress and The Congressional Record.

Elucidation: Students can apply their knowledge and skills by corresponding representatives and commenting on the pending government regulations. The part one of the book includes the policy analysis, legislation assessment, campaign management and other exercises that develop student skills and increase their efficiency.

Evaluation: The part two of the book prepares students to read, write, review, research and critique political science scholarship. Similarly, part three teaches advanced students how to investigate public opinion and check domestic and international policies.

Part 2

Evaluate the thesis

In this article, Robert Birnbaum talks about whether guns were allowed Educational institutes and the critical question arise that MoreGuns and BanGuns have a positive impact on colleges?

Evaluate the methods used

The author evaluated various campus scenes of US colleges. He also examined the Policy Arena. The article included the view of campuses’ faculties and the general Population as a comparative data.

Evaluate whether there was enough evidence to support the thesis

After the evaluation, we can say that the author has provided enough proof through examination of the surveys on murders and manslaughters. He also reviewed the rates of Campus and US Population Violent-Crime in 2010.


After evaluation, I would recommend the young generation and college going students to read this article so that they can know what is right or wrong for them as well as the society. The main benefit of reading this article is that they would get to know whether it is safe for them to carry guns on college campuses or not. This article is essential to understand what is permitted and what is prohibited in our country and colleges where they study.

Part 3


The article “Ready, Fire, Aim: The College Campus Gun Fight” is about whether guns should be allowed in educational institutes or not. In this article, the author told about two perspectives: one perspective agrees taking guns in colleges, and another opposes it. In this article, the author told that America has two cultures namely robust gun culture and gun-control culture. This article asks the question: Guns should be banned in college or not? In this article, the basic philosophical premise for MoreGuns is that they use a gun for self-defense because anything could happen on a college campus. MoreGuns advocates that students and faculty carry weapons for their protection if something happens they can handle the condition. This article states that many surveys were conducted to know whether the guns should be permitted in the universities or not. BanGuns thinks that campus violence can be controlled by the police or army men.

Part 4

Data Set: 55, 67, 25, 43, 45, 36, 80, 45, 66, 76, 43, 55, 55, 45, 45

Normal Curve


  • Frequency Distribution table
Element Frequency Cumulative frequency d = XMean d*d
25 1 1 -27.06 732.2436
36 1 2 -16.06 257.9236
43 2 4 -9.06 82.0836
45 4 8 -7.06 49.8436
55 3 11 2.94 8.6436
66 1 12 13.94 194.3236
67 1 13 14.94 223.2036
76 1 14 23.94 573.1236
80 1 15 27.94 780.6436


  • Place your answers in the correct boxes below




True middle number


Most frequently occurring number


Max X – MinX

Sample Variance

s 2

Sample Standard Deviation s Standard

Error (SE)


Confidence Interval at 95% (.05)

Mean +/- (SE x2)

52.06667 45 45 55 210.06 14.45 3.733 59.56



Q₁ 43
Q₂ 45
Q₃ 66

Work Cited

Robert Birnbaum. 2013. “Ready, Fire, Aim: The College Campus Gun Fight.” Change 45 (5): 6-14.

Scott, Gregory M., and Stephen Garrison. 2017. The Political Science Student Writer’s Manual and Readers Guide, 8th edition. Lanham, MD: Rowman; Littlefield.