Heat stress in automobiles or vehicles


McLaren, Catherine. Null, Jan and Quinn, James. 2005. “Heat Stress from Enclosed Vehicles: Moderate Ambient Temperatures Cause Significant Temperature Rise in Enclosed Vehicles.” Pediatrics. 116:1.

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This source is based on the Heat stress from enclosed vehicles. Due to increased heat in the car, there are chances that many children get to die. The main purpose of this research paper is to explain the consequences of heat stroke on the children. It is mostly happening on the sunny days due to rise in moderate temperature. Most of the people did not know about this thing that how much it will be dangerous to leave a child in a car. This source provides significant information about the heat stress in vehicles and problems related to it. This is a valuable source, and an individual can take a lot of information and knowledge from it.

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The topic which is covered in this research is related to heat stress which is instantly coming out from motor vehicles mostly in ambitious moderate temperature on sunny days. Due to a significant rise in temperature, the heat inside the enclosed vehicles increases. Many children get to die from this moderate heat inside the car. So, this research paper provides information that heats on a moderate day can also be dangerous for the children sitting inside the car. The thesis of this research paper is that children sitting in the car are at high risk of various health issue and heatstroke even at a moderate temperature on a sunny day.

The main objective of this research paper is to evaluate the temperature rise during the lower ambitious temperatures. In this observational study, the temperature rise was measured continuously over a 60-minute period. The author analyzed the whole temperature with the use of temperature variance that how quickly the internal temperature in the vehicles rises during the sunniest days. The authors also explained that the rise in temperature is also increased when there is little bit window is open on the cars. In the end, results show that cracking window or opened window did not decrease the rate of the temperature inside the vehicles. So, the author suggested not to leave the child in enclosed cars.

According to me, this research paper is really valuable for those who don’t have any knowledge about the rise of moderate temperature in cars because most of the times people leave their children’s inside the car. The research shows that rise of temperature even continue when some window is opened or broken. So, this research study is really beneficial because it helps to put out the pressure on the government to take necessary action about these types of concerns. For this purpose, I also recommend the scientists or engineers to invent that kind of device or instrument which helps to keeps the temperature stable in the vehicles during the sunniest days.


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This resource provides the knowledge about heat stress in motor vehicles which creates the problem of infancy in children’s. Every year, many children’s get die from heat stress because they have been left inside the closed vehicles or automobiles. This research provides beneficial knowledge about the heat stress inside the vehicles. It also represents that rise in heat in the cars constantly increases when the windows are not opened. This research paper provides initial information about the heat stress in motor vehicles according to the shape, size, and color of a car.

Literature review

The topic which is covered in this research paper is related to heat stress in automobiles or vehicles. The author explains about the main concerns and consequences of increased heat in vehicles. The author also explains that if all windows and doors are closed then this temperature will get a rose from an ambient level of 36 degrees Celsius to 67 C within 15 minutes and it will remain for significant time if a person opens the windows or doors of the cars. So, in this research, the authors recommend the methods which help to checks out the temperature inside the cars with ventilation techniques by windows at least 200mm half open. The results show that the interior temperature is still increased up to 50 C which is still too hot for the children’s. It states that deliberately high moderate temperature is still increased if the windows or doors are opened.

The thesis statement of this research paper is that there is a need to aware the parents about the harmful and dangerous effects of heat stroke inside the vehicle because most of the persons or individuals are not aware of this thing. Due to this, many children get die every year.

The authors used three large sedans to measure the internal temperature of the car while focusing on different variables. I think the strength of this research was to measure all the variables at the same time of different days. But they tested the temperature on one type of car only. They might get better results if the test was performed on the different type of cars.

I believe that this research paper is accessible to provide the information about the effects or causes of heat stress inside the vehicles. It also helps to aware the audience that how serious matter it will be for them and the life of their child’s. For this purpose, I recommend that this type of testing is also applicable to small vehicles rather than done only on large vehicles because many people have different car models, different sizes, and dissimilar features.