Beyond Street Smarts: Data Driven Crime Fighting

What are some of the most important benefits derived by the law-enforcement agencies mentioned in the case? How do these technologies allow them to better fight crime? Provide several examples.

The most important advantages as it concerns law enforcement agencies are the benefits to analyze historic patterns of the criminals, make accurate assessment of risks and allocate proper resources to the crime investigations. Police can be placed in high risk areas due to the use of these technologies to counter crimes. Also agencies can benefit from these technologies by sharing proper and timely information. For example, insurance companies can use crime data to know about people who are involved in insurance frauds. Also police can use crime data to allocate resources.

How are the data-related issues faced by law enforcement similar to those that could be found in companies?

Some of the similarities of the data related issues are that the volume of data could be very large for both law enforcement agencies and the companies. Also, there are privacy concerns on both fronts. The differences are the allocation of inadequate funds and the way both organizations plan data related to crimes and other issues.