Artificial Intelligence System 1

Google Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars will soon be a reality. Google has developed an algorithm that is being used to develop a car driving software. According to Washington Post (McFarland, 2016) this algorithm has the capacity to learn from experience. It means that it will learn road patterns, number of cars on a specific road at certain times and other road information. In my opinion these cars have a great future prospect. People are getting busier and same is the case with roads. If self-driving intelligent cars are on the road, traffic problems could be controlled.


McFarland, M. (2016). Google’s artificial intelligence breakthrough may have a huge impact on    self-driving cars and much more. Washington Post. Retrieved 2 October 2016, from

Artificial Intelligence System 2

Automatic News Generation

Many news websites like Yahoo, Fox and AP use News Generation intelligent systems to generate simple news stories related to finance, sports and other short news stories (Finley, 2016). The intelligence software used for this purpose gather information from the internet and generate its own stories that are posted on the news websites. Language synthesizers like Wordsmith ( is available to perform the news generation tasks. This software can organize words in patterns that are not considered plagiarized and have the correct grammar and spellings. Its price per month is $225.


Finley, K. (2016). This News-Writing Bot Is Now Free for Everyone. WIRED. Retrieved 2             October 2016, from       for-everyone/

Virtual Reality Application in Medical field

Virtual reality has many applications. One of the use is in the field of medical care. It is used to create scenarios like accidents, child delivery and heart surgery etc. so that the medical students can learn to make decisions in critical conditions and emergencies. Virtual reality goggles are an integral part of creating virtual environments in medical field. When the patients where these goggles, they get to see a world that is embedded by the trainers. Within a few minutes they start to see the virtual reality shown in the goggles as real.

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