Overview of the proposed organization

Name of the Organization: Gulf Tours

Purpose of the Organization: Provide travel and tour services in the Gulf region.

Clients: Perspective tourists from all over the world who want to travel to Gulf region to spend holiday.

Sector: Private Limited Company

Model Organization 1: Grand European Travel Services

URL: https://www.getours.com

I chose this organization as one of my model organization because they have an extensive experience in offering travel and tour packages not only around Europe, but also around many other countries of the world. I will try to benefit from the organization of their touring packages for my own proposed organization.

Model Organization 2: Arabian Adventures

URL: https://www.arabian-adventures.com/

This tourism company is a part of the Emirates Group of Companies. I have chosen this company due to its specialized experience in the Gulf Region, especially in Dubai. I am also planning to propose the office of my company in Dubai and provide similar services.

Reasons why I chose a Travel Company in Gulf Region: There are many reasons due to which I chose to propose a travel company in Gulf Region. The first reason is that my personal preference is to own a business in Dubai in the future as it is a regional business hub with opportunities for rapid progress. The reason I chose a travel and tour company is because I my passion to travel and visit different countries of the world to explore different cultures. Gulf Region has a rich culture to offer to its visitors and I believe I would be able to attract many customers from around the world.