Do non-human animals have interests and rights?

Do you think that non-human animals have interests? Does this mean that they also have rights? 

My view on this subject area is that non-human animals definitively have interests with regards to survival.  I think about how a pack of wolves that will work together in order to provide for the pack as whole. The wolves work together for common interests that include hunting, looking for dins for their cubs, and always looking for their next meal. The wolves grow up with each other and learn from one another about survival instincts, which can be looked at as their interests.

Another species that I immediately think of with regards to interests are ants. Ants are always utilizing their natural survival instincts to prepare and gather food for future endeavors. They send scout ants out that may look for new nesting grounds and possible food sources. So this may definitely be looked at as another prime example of non- human animals showing humanity that animals are indeed capable of critical thinking and vested interests.

I also believe that animals do have rights, I am one person who does not believe in hunting for sport. If an animal is to be hunted, it is for the reason of being consumed and eaten. Animals should not be used or viewed as trophies , or to be hung on a wall in my opinion.

I obviously believe that humans have higher rights then that of animals in the animal kingdom, however animals should be protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy. This includes ensuring humanity does not invade on lands that animals need to survive. I also believe that lands throughout the world need to be preserved in order to prevent different animal groups form becoming extinct.