Article: Bell, C. C. (1997). Promotion of mental health through coaching competitive sports. Journal of the National Medical Association, 89(8), 517.

About Finding this source

This source is not the most cited but I selected this source due to two reasons:

  1. This source was cited in article 4 which is related to sports based intervention to treat trauma and it’s citation was used to support the most important finding of the article 4 (on page number 9 in the first paragraph in the “Discussion” section). It was said that the success of research in article 4 was also observed by Bell (1997). Also another work of this author was cited in article 4 therefore I selected it as important and expert in researching sports intervention to treat trauma.
  2. Secondly I selected this source because using search term, also I found this source and therefore I thought it is very important and relevant to my research on sports and trauma treatment


Independent Analysis Article

Bell (1997) listed the values and attitudes of a healthy coach and the role of a healthy coach in promoting different dimensions of mental health. The article discussed very important aspects of mental health which can be influenced by a well-trained healthy coach. This article will help me support the question that how can sports help in treating trauma. One of the key concepts discussed in this article is promotion of mental health through competitive sports. This concept is directly related to my research on trauma informed sports to treat traumatized individuals. I will use this source to add more information to my topic about the role of a healthy coach in treating traumatized individuals by actively coaching them in learning life skills necessary for success and mental health.

Purpose of Bell (1997) is directly related to part of the purpose of D’Andrea, Bergholz, Fortunato, and Spinazzola (2013) because both try to explain the role of sports in promoting mental health or treating trauma. In addition, D’Andrea, Bergholz, Fortunato, and Spinazzola (2013) explained trauma informed sports as training coaches to use trauma principles in sports to help traumatized individuals. While Bell (1997) explained the traits of a healthy coach which are directly related to the explanation of the previous article.

The article, Bell (1997) has not listed any sources to find out, however, using the strategies of finding relevant source by search term I found another relevant article which I will analyze in as the next independent analysis. I used the search term “trauma informed sports and treatment of trauma PTSD” in and found the article with reference below:

Next Source: Spinazzola, J., Rhodes, A. M., Emerson, D., Earle, E., & Monroe, K. (2011). Application of yoga in residential treatment of traumatized youth. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 1078390311418359.

As the title of the article shows, this article research is on the role of Yoga as residential treatment approach for treating trauma in youth. This article is directly relevant to my topic because firstly, this shows the role of Yoga in treating trauma which is a sport, secondly, it works on youth in residential treatment, which is related to previous article 4 that I have already analyzed.