De Mar’s Product Case

  • What is De Mar’s Product? Identify the tangible parts of this product and its service components.

DE Mar offers repairs and installations of plumbing, heating and air-conditioning located in California. Tangible physical parts of repairs and installations Service components. This company service 24/7 only one tariff no extra charges and the company give One year guarantee

  • How should other areas of De Mar (marketing, finance, personnel) support its product strategy?

Personnel need to be handpicked and have to undergo a special education and ongoing training. De Mar should carefully asset if the potential employees fit into the company profile and can identify themselves with the company philosophy. De Mar Marketing should convey the message that they deliver a high value at reasonable prices. Telling their potential customers that their services might be slightly more expensive but including the above mentioned points of their intangible services the ratio value/price is better for the customer. The company should carefully monitor its competitors to keep their prices at reasonable level.

  • Even though De Mar’s product is primarily a service product, how should each of the 10 strategic OM decisions in the text be managed to ensure that the product is successful?

Competitive Advantage through Customer satisfaction fast service, constant price, and one year guarantee. Human Resources need to have a certain routine and requirements. The job design haste consider high flexibility, friendliness to the customer, qualifications. The text indicates productivity increased over the last 8 years from $ 200.000 to over $ 3, 3 million. This shows that the company strategy is working well…