IT323 Junior IT Seminar  Spring 2016

Unit 1 Worksheet

Name: Name
Level (circle one):     Freshman   Sophomore  Junior    Senior

  1. Specialty (circle one or two):

Computer Science                                         Forensic Computing

Health IT                                                             Information Systems

Interactive Media                                           Networking and Cybersecurity

Data Science                                                      Applied IT

Not yet decided


  1. Have you formally registered for this/these specialty(ies) (if so, it should show on your Marynet record) (circle one)

Yes                                         No                                        Do not know


  1. Current Advisor (circle one):

Murphy                                               Narock

Knott                                                    Bicak

Liu                                                         None or do not know

Other: ______________________________


  1. Might you be interested in the 5-year BS/MS program (circle one):

MS in Information Technology

MS in Cybersecurity

No, a BS is fine

Do not know


  1. Jobs that you anticipate given your major/specialty:
  2. Network Administrator

  3. Lecturer of IT

  4. Data Analyst


  1. Do you see yourself starting your own business (circle one)?

I am already running my business

In the short term

In the longer term (I would love to own a business providing computer networking services)

Not really