Companies are faced with the decision whether to expand by seeking new markets in existing countries or seeking new country markets for already identified and served market segments. Faced with these situations, what are the strategies that can be followed?

Following are the strategies

Market and Country concentration involved targeting the fewer number of consumers is few countries. It suitable for the starting companies and significantly matches with the investment needs of the market and limited resources of the enterprise. 2- Market diversification and country concentration that allows a business to serve several markets in few countries. European and American companies that diversify within the local market follow this strategy. 3- Market concentration and country diversification is a classic global strategy for a company seeks a global market for a product. It is a desirable strategy as it helps to serve the global consumers for the sake of achieving high accumulated volume at lowest possible cost. Well managed companies use this strategy to meet the customer’s needs. 4- Market and Country diversification is a market strategy of multi-business companies like Matsushita. By level of involvement and resources, one of the above strategy selected.