What is Six Sigma and how did it start?

Six Sigma

Applying six sigma in an organization is a big step and comprises many activities like defining, measuring, and controlling phases. Here are some steps to start six sigma in any organization:

  • Plan your route that is suitable for your organization. There are many paths in the six sigma, but you have to choose your path which is suitable for an organization.
  • Then you have to set your objectives to achieve your goals and then apply six sigma to that prescribed objectives.
  • Then you have to set your plans that match with your influences, resource, and scope.
  • Then prepare the leaders who work for the six sigma and guide them properly.
  • Then creating six sigma in an organization – this includes preparing black belts and other roles and assigning them their responsibilities.
  • After preparing black belts, it is required to give training to the employees in the organization.
  1. Identify two companies that have used Six Sigma and report on their results?

The company who applies Six Sigma in their organization system is Amazon.com. Amazon is one of the most famous companies that deals in E- commerce and have some customers online and provides them the good material to their requirement and needs. Amazon is such a great example of a company using the six sigma strategy. The company would certainly serve inspiration for other businesses. The following section provides insight on how the six sigma approach resulted in Amazon.

Six Sigma is not typically featured in the Amazon’s publicity material, but the mindset has long been an integral part of its cultural identity. Amazon has adopted a concept of six sigma.  The one concept they follow is to recruit those candidates and employees who are efficient to work and have knowledge of the work. They choose the finest leader from the top universities which leads their business and attain high profits. Amazon has similarly tied its central focus on streamlining operations into its everyday practices. The company devotes more workforce to fulfill its requirements, and customer service centers lead up best in engineering and key to its high level of customer service. The transportation of the service is made on the given date at the time of ordering the product, and each job function is designed to achieve maximum efficiency. So considering this approach in the company allows them to make the most of the available resources. It is a smarter way to make the organization best from all other organization.

Another company who uses the six sigma is the BAE systems. BAE systems are one of the most highly acclaimed corporations. The company has acquired success in all over the world. BAE systems have continued to grow to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers. The company’s vision is: “our culture focuses on what we do but on how we do it.” Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of the business and to remove the cause of defects that are harmful to the company. BAE has developed the Sigma leadership within their employees who are three-year fast track program create for the people with the highest leadership potential. The company fully endorse on Sigma leadership plans to follow the one path in this each leader is responsible for his or own journey around the business and development plan. It offers the students both a corporate and functional mentor to guide them through their development and improvement in leadership skills. BAE systems have demonstrated a clear and unwavering commitment to promoting sigma.

So, it gives the better results to both the companies. It provides better and new techniques to the company to do better work. It provides the company the best candidates and employees who make their plan and then select a necessary plan which includes in six sigma and then applies in an organization. It helped them to create leaders and train them how to work using six sigma. This technique provides better efficient work to the company which is very helpful for them.

  1. What other process improvement method can be used instead of Six Sigma, how do they differ?