In general, why might it be important to solve an equation for different variables? For example, the equation for degrees Fahrenheit is given by , where C is degrees Celsius. In this example, why—or when—would we want to solve for C? Feel free to discuss other examples.

The difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius is basically the same concept of miles and kilometers. It is a different measuring system depending on where you are. We would want to solve for C if we are outside the United States for example, same applies for miles. The equation to find F is F=9*C/5 +32. This way when we have C we can transform it into a measurement of F and the other way around.

Answer 2                 

If one says the temperature in Fahrenheit, people from different countries in the word need not be familiar with that. They will not be able to understand what he means. They may use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, and he has to convert it to Celsius. If one need to give a medication in a dose of 18 mg/kg, and the person weights 154 pounds, how many kg are in 154 pounds to calculate the dosage. If a person is in Europe, they may measure fuel economy by number of liters of fuel it takes to go to 100 km. in order to do this, he need to convert gallons to liters and mile to kilometers. These are a few of the examples, and this is just metric English. We can quote all these real life instances as examples from our real life itself.