How do you feel doing business in the Middle East would differ from doing business elsewhere? What special factors (e.g. religious differences, cultural variables, Arab-Israeli relations) bear on your answer?

Doing business in the Middle East for me personally is easier than anywhere else. I was born and raised in Qatar, to me it is natural and it is my goal to start a business there.

Like any other country or region, the Middle East has its own culture that changes even between two neighboring countries. Before entering and doing business in any place, the company should study its market and target audience.

Because of religious differences, many businesses may not go well in the Middle East. It all depends on what the business is and what country it is from.

I personally do not think that Arab-Israeli relations affect the big corporations that are working there. Most of our products are imported, either China or Europe or America.

Any company will adjust itself to those cultural and religious differences and find a way to survive.

Answer 2

I feel that doing business in the Middle East would differ greatly from here in the States because of the cultural differences of the two areas.

Middle Easterners seem to take business a little more personally than Westerners.  They are people that heavily guard the honor of their families, the family name. Whereas Westerners practice from a less personal perspective, business is business, business isn’t personal; it’s business.

The factors that impact my viewpoint are definitely religion and the way in which they view women