Analysis of Innovative Company: “APPLE”

  • Explain the market structure of your selected company’s industry.
  • Evaluate barriers to entry they may face based on geographical obstacles.
  • Discuss the ethical practices that the company has adopted. Do you believe that they are followed? Why or why not?
  • Discuss the environment necessary for the selected company to operate in a market with perfect competition.
  • Explain how the selected company has been affected, in terms of market power, by government regulation within the last 10 years.
  • Briefly discuss the types of products sold by the selected company and explain to which category of Gross Domestic Product they belong and why.
  • Explain how the selected company views ethics. Do you believe that they demonstrate it on a regular basis? Why or why not?

 Market Structure

This research paper has been conducted on a famous tech savvy company named” Apple”. This research will be based upon the company background, company situation, company analysis, Apple financial market place and conclusion. In this paper, it would be discussed that how we get data and which challenges we faced in collecting information. We have made an effort to find out that in fact “Is really Apple has become a huge name in innovation and technology. Is that the most ideal approach to take a glance at Apple?”

During our research a lot of problems have been faced. It was difficult to combine all data which must be accurate and from authentic sources about Apple company. Although, this organization is a world-famous company but it has been became a challenging part to review all statistics and theory material about company.

Geographical Barriers to entry

Barriers to entry are the factors that may prevent a company from entering a market. Apple Inc. is an American multinational association that arrangements and manufactures purchaser equipment and PC programming things. The association’s best-known hardware things consolidate Macintosh PCs, the iPod and the iPhone. Apple programming joins the Mac OS X working system, the iTunes media program, the iLife suite of blended media and inventiveness programming, the iWork suite of benefit programming, Final Cut Studio, a suite of master sound and film-industry programming things, and Logic Studio, a suite of sound mechanical assemblies. The association works more than 250 retail stores in nine countries and an online store where hardware and programming things are sold.

Apple’s routine of allotting a Directly Responsible Individual to each project and the Top 100 (a yearly custom in which 100 exceptional administrators are tapped a la Skull and Bones for a mystery withdraw (Lashinsky, 2012)

Developed in Cupertino, California on April 1, 1976 and joined January 3, 1977,the association was called Apple Computer, Inc. for its underlying 30 years, however dropped “PC” on January 9, 2007 to reflect the association’s consistent wander into the purchaser contraptions promote despite its standard focus on PCs. Apple has around 35,000 laborers worldwide and had general yearly offers of US$32.48 billion in its money related year completing September 29, 2008.For reasons as various as its levelheadedness of broad classy arrangement to its specific publicizing exertion, Apple has developed an exceptional reputation in the purchaser equipment industry. This consolidates a customer base that is given to the association and its picture, particularly in the United States. Fortune magazine named Apple the most refreshing association in the United States in 2008 and on the planet in 2009 (Mirabal, 2009)


Geographical obstacles that Apply may face when opening a new franchise include the inability to find the property in the right place.

Ethical Practices

Apple Inc. must keep up work laws in the creation and flow of their things. – Apple Inc. moreover has an item security to shield it from being copied and rehashed illegally. – All Apple Inc. customers are secured by buyer protection laws and controls concerning assurance’s (1 year guarantee) – For every activity take a shot at is joined to a relating customer term of use assertion for different records, for instance, iCloud and iChat furthermore purchaser insurance. – Apple’s t Apple Inc. large influences various economies the entire route over the world through the creation of various compensated occupations. – Apple Inc. stock right now is a high one valued among clients who are captivated as a result of the rising numbers. – Apple Inc. things are sensibly assessed appeared differently in relation to contenders, sold at an enormous number of retailers reaching out from Walmart to Macy’s. – Regardless of the economy, Apple Inc. has seen that clients continued purchasing things; at a lower ask for, however there was never an aggregate stop where Apple’s things and organizations were genuinely affected monetarily (weebly, 2012)


Nilsson and Rapp (2005) express that when a firm can support benefits that are over its normal expected pay then the firm can be named to have picked up an upper hand over its contenders. Upper hand is the capacity of an organization to recognize and come up with a distinction in the way it works: a contrast that contenders may never discover simple to imitate (Nilsson and Rapp , 2005) .A business’ key focused position can be expressly broke down utilizing Bowman’s vital clock (Thomson and Baden – Fuller, 2010). The key clock empowers business supervisors and all different business partners to think and act deliberately in an effort to ensure that they accomplish the alluring differential favorable position. Vital clock model is based upon the two ideas of cost furthermore, seen item esteem. Vital clock is separated into four quadrants and eight distinct interims. The eight strategies incorporate nitty-gritty, minimal effort, half and half, separation, centered separation and high value low esteem methodologies (kairu, 2013)



Concerning the competition with other market players, Apple Inc. depends on its innovation, culture and market advantages and takes cutting edge, high included &value as the competitive implies, which makeup its unique position. In the opposition with global format of ventures, Apart from the sound promoting and generation techniques, Apple additionally appreciates solid market nearness because of their conspicuous image name. Clients perceive the organization as far as quality generation and reliability of services. Macintosh’s ipad specialty unit because of their vital business operations holds a great deal of business power as far as human asset administration, innovation and the overall value chain administration.