Three forces necessary in managing change effectively. These forces are: Innovation, Customer Focus, and Globalization. In your own words, explain your understanding of each of these and discuss the importance of each.

Three forces necessary in managing change effectively


These three forces of change are very crucial and special in a unique way. Firstly innovation is a process of change and creation innovating is creation a new method like technology. Customer focus is crucial in every successful it’s essentially putting the costumers the number one priority and that helps grows the business because customers are a big factor in a business. Globalization is affecting the globe like a business can be big in one place but some people grow globally and affect the international scale and that’s one of the most important aspects of a huge business. These three forces impact us majorly every day and have to be focused on when we start working or staring an organization.

Answer 2

The three important forces of change out there are that of innovation, customer focus and that of globalization.  When it comes to innovation, the key or the strategic focus here is to understand what are some of the ways in which we are using our innovation to come up with some new or varied product.  At the same time, we also have to keep a strong and long term focus on the customer since it is the customer for whom a business has been created.  Therefore positive and customer centric focus should always be there.  Then we are also seeing that there are just so many different types of changes that are taking place due to the onset of globalization.  We are seeing that firms and employees are moving across regions and borders and with that, businesses are also taking advantage of having access to low cost resources and labor from around the world. So all of these are some of the ways in which the larger business world today is being shaped and also impacted.