Case Study: Hewlett-Packard

  • Question # 1 What does it mean to be a global citizen at HP?


Being a global citizen at Hewlett-Packard means that all the citizens are contributing and working to create a better future for everyone. This concepts considers that every person is equally responsible for all the happenings in the world currently. This is why, the better future is only possible when the individual actions and innovations are contributed from each person on equal basis (HP, 2008).

  • Question # 2 How does HP measure and evaluate its success in global citizenship?


The Hewlett-Packard measures and assesses its achievement in global citizenship through its Living Progress Report. Its 2014 Living Progress Report has shown that how their activities and advancements have added to human, financial, and ecological advance everywhere throughout the world. HP has been doing this practice since 2001. A portion of the advance that has been made incorporates the production of the water-cooled HP Apollo 8000 System. This framework utilizes 28% less vitality than air-cooled servers, which sets aside to 3,800 (tons) of CO2e every year. With this framework you can build the execution limit of your data focus drastically (HP, 2014).

  • Question # 3 What is the e-inclusion, and what are some specific examples of projects that advance HP’s e-inclusion goals?


E-inclusion is the impact every one of makes in our regular area and from that the entire world will wind up being affected also. At HP e-inclusion needs to do with shutting the hole between the technology-enabled groups and the technology barred groups on our planet. Be that as it may it is not principally about technology, it is about individuals having entry to the critical choices of their lives. A portion of the activities that are doing recently this are the HP Life e-Learning.

This program is utilized to help a huge number of individuals around the globe learn IT and significant business abilities they have to help them grow their very own business. This is finished by utilizing HP’s cloud-based technology which gives these individuals the data they requirement for nothing. Another venture that is helping HP’s e-inclusion is, the dedication they made to Computing Collegiate Program through the National Center for Women and Information Technology’s Aspiration. HP resolved to give $1 million in a traverse of more than 4 years so as to help expand the quantity of ladies in the field of technology (HP, 2014).