Case study: Johnson and Johnson 

  • Question # 1 Which stakeholders are most important to J&J and why?


As a well-known healthcare based company, Johnsons & Johnsons gives special importance to the engagement of stakeholders. The most important stakeholders to Johnsons & Johnsons are the groups on environment, social, governance as well as numerous internal and external matters. It also gives particular importance to the civic society leader’s stakeholder group. Johnsons & Johnsons believes that it should contribute to the each group of stakeholders to contribute in the overall society in a better way (Johnson & Jonshon , 2017).

  • Question # 2 How does J&J ensure that all of its many operating companies adhere to the credo?


The well-known corporate culture of Johnson & Johnson and especially concerned to its Credo, the purpose of which is to protect and save the other stakeholders from both the malfunctioning or substandard products and problematic or doubtful marketing In addition, Johnson & Johnson ensures that it remains unique to each of its division, and at the same time, it remains suggestive of a broader ethical culture. The significant community take account of a number of stakeholders that are mentioned in the credo of Johnson & Johnson. Most of the companies are related to the pharmaceutical industry in general and the FDI communities.  In order to make its credo clear, Johnson & Johnson has mentioned the values that guide its decision making as well as express its Credo. “Our Credo. Put simply, Our Credo challenges us to put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first” (Johnson & Johnson, 2017).

  • Question # 3 What are the main areas of social responsibility activities for J&H, and how do they relate to the credo?


The major areas of Johnson & Johnson regarding social responsibility are related to health sector, environmental sector, as well as the governing sector. All the major areas of responsibility of Johnson & Johnson comply with the Credo of the company as the Credo clearly states that the company considers itself to be responsible towards the communities in which it is currently operating. It supports works and charities in excess of its fair payment of all the taxes. Johnson & Johnson maintains considers the protection of natural resources as well as the environmental resources as its top priority. Om the other hand, the other stakeholders like investors are also important to Johnson & Johnson as it has mentioned in its credo that the business should make a sound profit for the stakeholders. It believes in making reserves for adverse times so that shareholders would not suffer (Johnson & Johnson, 2017).