Case Study: Childerns national medical centre

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Yahoo.
  2. What are the opportunities and threats facing Yahoo.
  3. What are the strategic factors facing Yahoo.
  4. Does Yahoo have any core competencies? If ‘yes’, what are they?
  5. Does Yahoo have a distinctive competency? If ‘yes’, what is it?
  6. How can Yahoo develop a sustainable strategy for the future?
  7. How is technology important to Yahoo’s future?


Question #1


  • Parents highly believe and trust the services of the hospital because of the extraordinary quality services they provide to them. Moreover, their commitment to keeping the quality of services best and resolve the issues of the customer are their basic strengths.
  • They have strong research and development department which continuously work on different disease and make drugs for the cure of the disease.
  • They have about 36,000 patients who visit the hospital every year to get the quality services, and this is because credibility and trustworthiness they have created in the mind of patients from their services.
  • It is the only one hospital which provides pediatric care in the Washington. This adds strength to them.


  • The weak part of this institute is that it is giving a lot of services which can harm the quality of the service. However, the influence of the particular area or city usually influences the quality of the service which they have to overcome.

(Center, 2015)

Question # 2


  • They can diversify their portfolio and physical existence to other areas around the globe. This will not be only beneficial for them but also for the patients. They can invest more in the research field as this field need continuous advancement and successful experimentation.


  • Other institutes and local hospitals which are providing same services in the areas are a threat to Children National Medical center.

(Center, 2015)

Question # 3

Strategic Factors

They did plenty of successful strategic plan which includes the initiative of the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). This plan was strategically formed after the research which was done that what kind of community health program the citizen need and demand. In this project, they basically focused and highlighted six core health program which is needed and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If we analyze the industry trend that one can say that they have a strategic factor of Monopoly as it is perhaps the only and the best pediatric hospital in the whole Washington DC. Their strategy is to just facilitate the community with the best and advanced services. That is the reason they spend on research and working on different aspects which include Leukodystrophies a genetic disorder and cancer etc.

(Children’s National Medical Center: Community Health Improvement Plan: FY 2014-2016, 2013)

Question # 4

Core Competencies

Yes, they do have core competencies, and they are mentioned below:

  • First, of the all they provide series in the Children Domain.
  • They have excelled themselves in the pediatric services so much that they have been ranked many times as the best pediatric service Hospital in U.S.
  • It is important to know that how they achieve this core competency, according to what I read and analyze the reason behind their excellence is committed to staff along with the continuous research in the respective field and wish to serve the community as much as possible.

(Children National Hospital , 2016) (Center, 2015)

Question # 5

Distinctive Competency

Yes, after analyzing their facilities and services I believe that they do have distinctive competency, and the reasons are mentioned below:

  • According to me, their pediatric service and the element of the freestanding hospital is not only the core competency but also distinctive competency.
  • The thing which adds extra flavor to the above phenomena is the best quality service and trustworthiness which they have attained. Parents believe that this is the best hospital for their children, and this trust is their strongest distinctive competency. And, this is the reason behind more than 360,000 visits per year.

(Center, 2015) (Children National Hospital , 2016)


Question 6

Sustainable Strategy for the Future 

They can create a sustainable strategy by not only looking internally but also what externally happening. In this fast growing era, none of the organization cannot work in the close system and organizations always work in the open system. So, obviously, the trends of the economy and other social factors do affect the running of the organization.

They are currently providing the unsurpassed service but in this fast growing technological era, one has to run with the speed in order to maintain the service of the quality. As the hospital is a very delicate and comes under the consulting and service industry so their services should be up to mark so that everyone get satisfied with the facilities.

Question # 7

Technological Factor

It is the most important factor as most of the technologies have brought ease in the lives of the doctors and patients as well. New instruments and technologies have not just eased the lives of the patients but also have made many painful treatments less painful. Technology is not only used for the diagnosis but also for the treatment. Children National Medical Center should focus on the technology more in future in order to maintain command on research, better facilities and competitiveness in future. (MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, 2016)