What impact do database applications have on business and society?

The simplest definition of a database is that it is a collection of information. I did nay say that it is the collection of information in a systematic manner because some databases could be messy and disorganized, but they would still fall in the definition of a database. SQL, NewSQL and Excel are some of the database applications that are in common use in the business world (“4 Examples Of Database Application “, 2014).

Database application have a profound impact on the business and society in the present age. Talking about databases in the business world, it has brought in many advantages to it. For businesses, it has become easy to organize their information in such a way that they find it easy to store, update and retrieve it. Before the database applications were in use, data had to be stored in hard copies which required a lot of effort to update and retrieve. Even these paper registers required a huge physical space to store them. But now, a simple storage with database application installed, a lot of data can be stored. Businesses have got a lot of convenience due to database applications. Data can be organized in columns, rows and tables so that it is easy to understand and relate to other information on other databases.

Speaking of the impact of database applications on society, according to Kong (2015), “database technology has become an information society”. Large amount of data is organized in such a way that it has the capacity of bringing different societies together and becoming a society within itself. For example if we talk look at Facebook, what is it? Facebook is a database of billions of people who interact with each other based on the relations formed beyond borders. Facebook is a society in itself in my opinion.