What are the four contingencies of reinforcement? Explain each and provide an example. 

What are the four contingencies of reinforcement?

There are four sorts of possibilities utilized for operant conditions. These are:

  1. Positive fortification, in which the individual is remunerated when certain practices proceed. For instance, a young man perhaps compensated with a treat when he completes his peas at supper. Along these lines, the kid partners ending his peas with getting a treat. Expecting that he appreciates gifts, Thorndike’s Law of Effect bears witness to the way that he will probably rehash this conduct later on.
  2. Punishment, in which a negative fortify is connected to a particular activity of a person. A case of this would be a youngster accepting an electric stun in the wake of staying a stick into a power attachment. Accepting that the child despises getting stunned, s/he is probably not going to keep showing this conduct.
  3. Negative support, in which an individual is constrained to show certain behavior by the possibility of an upsetting reaction. A case of this would be if a youngster were annoyed by his mom to clean his room. In spite of the fact that strengthening is certainly negative, it is utilized to empower redundancy in action, instead of deterring the person from it. It is the contrast amongst discipline and negative fortification.
  4. Omission, in which a positive fortify is given to the person for straying far from certain conduct, yet this strengthen is withheld if the undertaking is not finished. In this manner, the individual is induced by the possibility of a definiteincrease to disregard that conduct. A case of this would be if an understudy’s folks restricted them from utilizing MSN until their evaluations moved forward. Driven by the requirement for a helpful technique for correspondence, the substitute would work towards enhancing their evaluations.