Explain the difference between segmenting and positioning.

The W-2 is a form which is sent by the employer to employee as well as the Internal Revenue Service at the end of each year. The W-2 form is sent in order to provide information that what was the annual wage of the employee and what amount of taxes has been withheld from the income of that specific employee.

If you lose your W-2 form then the employee can contact the employer in order to issue that W-2 to employee or the employer can also replace the W-2 form to employee for the one which has been lost. If you have limited time period and are getting late to file the return then you may use form 4852 in order to estimate your income and withholding taxes amount by using the form by yourself. Later on, if you find your W-2 form after the return filing deadline then you may file the amended return with W-2 form.

In order to replace W-2 form, you may use form 4506 in order to get previous copy of your tax return from IRS. By filling out the form 4506, you may get the details of your annual wages and tax withheld for previous years from IRS.