What is the purpose of specifications? Compare complex versus simple specifications. Provide an example of each and explain your reasoning.

Product specifications are necessary to let the customers know what of their needs would be addressed by the product that they are willing to purchase. Different production organizations have dedicated teams whose sole purpose is to research the market and identify the needs of the customers. Once these needs are identified, they are converted to the different functions that can be a part of the product that can be introduced in the market. The specifications are then stated as the manner these functions would be performed and what technologies have been incorporated to address these functions. For example when we want to buy a mobile phones, we do ask for the battery life. This is one of the specification that would be stated in the literature associated with the mobiles phone. Now if you dig deep down, you would be able to know what technology has been incorporated to make the battery life lengthy compared to others.

In the field of supply management, buyers would know what their customers need in terms of the specifications and they would communicate these specifications to their suppliers. Specifications are a good way to know what the quality of a certain product is and how would it be made better to further enhance the user experience.

Complex and simple specification are different in terms of the depth each one has. The enquiry about the complex or simple specifications is dependent on the nature and financial position of a customer. For example if a customer is financially well off, he/she might be interested in knowing the complex specifications of the product while in contrast, a customer with less financial resources would enquire simple specification as they would be interested in basic functionalities.

Simple Specifications is a set of less or basic information about a product. The customers may not want to go into the depth of the specification. There could be a reason that the customers are not that much aware of the depth of the specifications of the products. For example if a person is buying a camera, he/she might ask for basic information like how many picture modes does it have, how many pictures it can store and what the price is.

Complex specifications on the other hand is a set of detailed information about a product. In the camera case, a customer might arrive at an electronic store. The customer might be a photographer. He/she would ask for complex and more detailed information about the camera. For example some of the specification information aske would be how many picture formats does it support, what is the optical zoom, what is the digital zoom, what is the picture quality in pixels and so on.