As tactfully as possible, so as not to upset C. N. Itall, make a list of the reasons that support the importance of observing user reactions, suggestions, and innovations in the prototyping process.

It is very important to get the user input into the process of prototyping. The uses is going to be the ultimately target of the product or service that is being produced and prototyped. If the user is not taken into the confidence, there is no guarantee that he/she will be satisfied with the end product or service. Having said that, research has suggested that there is reluctance to change in the way of thinking in organizations and personal lives (Glasersfeld, 1988). In the given case, it seems to be the case because C.N. Itall is reluctant to the overall process of prototyping. Following are some of the reasons that support the importance of observing user reaction, suggestions, and innovation in the prototyping process.

  1. User reaction is an important technique to collect useful information about the human and system information requirements in developing a product or service at any stage of the development process.
  2. It is important to know the wishes of the end users because they are the ones to decide if the end product or service is useful or not.
  • Prototyping is an important step before launching a product or service, therefore this process should be taken seriously.
  1. Efforts should be made to make a prototype as near to user’s needs and expectations as possible.
  2. User’s interviews provide a window to anticipate the design and functioning of a product or service.
  3. Input decides the quality of output (Kendal and Kendal, 2014) in industrial and/or other organizational production processes. User’s need to be involved in the input process therefore by allowing them to provide suggestions about what they think of the output or the end product or service.
  • It is possible that despite the greatest efforts of our system analysts, there are gaps. Users might help to fill these gaps as there is a good possibility that users could use innovative thinking to anticipate the product or service that is under prototyping.

In addition to the above, there could be a lot more reasons to let us believe that user feedback is important for the prototyping process. Users should be consulted in the prototyping and the overall production process to get the desired results.