Information systems are too important to be left to computer specialists. Do you agree?

I don’t agree because information systems are not just technology. Managers and business firms invest in information technology and systems because they provide real economic value to the business. Also, We can see that from a business perspective, an information system is an important instrument for creating value for the firm. Information systems enable the firm to increase its revenue or decrease its costs by providing information that helps managers make better decisions or that improves the execution of business processes. The information systems are not just technology but also management. So, the information systems should be left to the managers.


It is common misunderstanding that Information system is just computers but actually it involves much more than computers in terms of software and hardware (like database, expert system, etc). for example, database. A good computer specialist may know about database administration like installing, backing up, optimizing etc. But does he know what data is, schema, database model, API, query etc. In my opinion, Information system should be left to Information Managers that can have overview of all hardware and software involved and able to have manage/control of it.