Memo of Findings Sample 

Prepare and provide a written report, in memo format, for me.  The memo should be posted on Bb NLT midnight, December 5, 2014.  Your written report should include:



  • Introduction: provide purpose, background (include factual information on your interviewee: name, position, company, location of the interview, interview date, duration of the interview and WHY you selected him/her), and methodology.



  • Findings: present key findings on your topic gathered from your primary source (the informational interview) and secondary source(s) (see Attachment Items below).


  • Include at least one visual aid (e.g., a table, chart, Venn Diagram, organizational hierarchy) to illustrate information you learned during your interview.


  • Other Information: provide any additional information you and the business professional talked about including job/internship ideas, resume help offered, networking suggestions.


  • See an example below, but DO NOT COPY the information, or I will deduct points!!!


  • Conclusion: contains your final analysis, recommendations, reflections, and “ah ha!” moment.


  • Attachment Items: These will vary, but you must include the “raw” data (notes you took during the interview) and a reference list of any sources you used (e.g., primary and secondary sources such as Internet, business article, magazine article), written in APA format.




* An excerpt (only the data/findings) from a student’s Memo of Findings is provided

on the next page; however, it does not include a memo format heading. You must use:


  • the proper memo format (heading = TO, FROM, DATE, SUBJECT)
  • a visual aid in the Findings section
  • introductory and concluding paragraphs