Video Case Study: Arnold Palmer Hospital

Each and every organization need to organize its operations at different departments in a manner to achieve their productivity goals. If the organization is serious and has the right tools to organize its operation, they can even perform above their own set criteria for productivity. Each organization needs to follow a business model or design that responds to their specific needs. Improvement in the organizational processes and productivity is in itself an ongoing process. Heir need to be proper cohesion within the department of an organization to fruitfully contribute to the organizational goals.

After watching the video and reading the case study about Arnold Palmer Hospital, it can be concluded that they are effectively incorporating a variety of graphical techniques to assist their visitors and their staff members in carrying out their duties in an efficient manner. There are process charts that provide an understanding of the different processes that are ongoing in the hospital. These charts use lines and arrows to show the flow of the processes in a logical manner. There are time function diagrams that depicts the time limitations of the different processes. There are graphical charts for their suppliers as well that depict different variables related to their suppliers from the health care industry.

After watching the video, I can safely say that the success of the Arnold Palmer Hospital is not only based on their spectacular health care services specifically related to medical aspects, they have developed a system where all other activities related to patients are designed with special care. Hospital staff is seen in the video to be extremely helpful and caring. The staff at the hospital takes special interest in designing a system with the help of process flow charts that serves the needs of the patients/customers. The charts define different activities like which rooms are occupied and which are free, patient’s admission process, inventory calculation and other activities in a meaningful manner.

The video depicts the overall process of a patient getting admitted to the hospital and then the baby being born and taken care of at the hospital very effectively. When a pregnant lady comes to the hospital, the customer service representative checks her details against the patient’s database and guides her to the registration are if she in a new customer. At the registration area, the patient is registered and then taken to the delivery room for the necessary health care. The video also show the protocol that has been followed if the new born baby needs extra care due to prenatal complications. These babies are taken to the intensive care unit for a complete physical checkup. The patients can pay at the end when they are ready to be discharged from the hospital.

I believe that the flow charts are really helpful for the managers and other administrative staff to understand the flow of different activities at the hospital. They can look at the charts and find ways to improve their processes to better serve their customers who are their real assets.