Semantics of reporting: Select a controversial topic from today’s news.

Formulate a research question which essentially asks about disparate language use and the impact on opinions.

Compare and contrast the coverage of that topic by several media outlets: at a minimum Fox News and MSNBC

Women Harassment Accusations against
Donald Trump


2016 Presidential Elections have been the top news on every channel for a few month now. According to media polls, a close contest has been expected between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. There has been women harassment accusations against Donald Trump. Both Liberal and conservative media have their own say about it. In my personal opinion both media sections have been biased on the women harassment issue and are point scoring on this issue.

Fox News and MSNBC Coverage

I have been watching news channels during the last few months that are focusing on the Presidential Election contested between Donald Trump a nominee of the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton a nominee of the Democratic Party. Fox, which is considered to be a conservative TV channel, has been trying to clear the name of Donald Trump who belongs to the conservative party by calling all the claims of harassment against Donald Trump as a conspiracy and they are still really hopeful that Trump is going to give Hillary a tough time (“Trump Poll Numbers Dented, But Not Destroyed, Amid Tape Fallout”, 2016). On the other hand MSNBC thinks that Donald is under-performing and may not win (Todd & Dann, 2016).

Research Findings

The interviews that I conducted with both liberal and conservative people had one thing in common, both of them thought that the media has been going off limits on both sides i.e. liberal and conservative.

My research based on different news websites also concludes to the same result as the opinion of the two interviewees.


My research does prove my thesis as it was not difficult to conclude that the media is after its own vested interests and does not follow the ethical standards that it should. There should be no biasness when it comes to delivering news to the general public.


The issue of Donald Trump has been overblown over proportion. He is neither a womanizer in my opinion neither he is a person who might have never harassed a women in my opinion. The two extremes of the media might be serving their own interests. These two extreme viewpoints might be due ideological difference between the conservative and liberal media sections.




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