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ISTE Standards Reflection Presentation notes

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Review of ISTE Standards

Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity

  • Support creative thinking

As a teacher, it is important to let the students think critically.

  • Facilitate students in exploring the real world

The students must be facilitated to know what is happening in the real world and how to deal with it.

  • Engage in learning with students

The teacher should be a useful part of the students learning.

Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments

  • Utilize technology in classroom

Multimedia and other technologies should be utilized in the class.

  • Acquire the required technical skills

As a teacher, one should be open to learn new skills.

  • Address students diverse learning styles

Not all students learn the same way. A teacher should deal differently with different students when it comes to learning by these students.

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Review of ISTE Standards

Model Digital age work and learning

  • Use new technology for transfer of knowledge

Webiste, blogs, social media are all the forms of digital technologies that can be utilized in learning.

  • Engage community members, parents and peers via digital tools

It is important to engage the parents, community members and other relevant people via email or WhatsApp type of applications.

  • Communicate relevant information and ideas to students and their parents

Promote and Model digital citizenship and responsibility

  • Promote ethics in the use of technology for learning

The use of technology should be in accordance with the ethical standards.

  • Understand cultural norms in the use of technologies

Different people may belong to different cultures. As a teacher this is a responsibility to understand the cultural differences.

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Review of ISTE Standards

Engage in professional growth and leadership

  • Participate in local and global learning opportunities

A teacher should always look for opportunities to learn new teaching skills.

  • Be the first to introduce new technology in learning

We should not be against new technologies. Instead we should accept them.

  • Research new digital technologies for better utilization

Teachers should look for the scientific research that is done to utilize new technologies.

  • Contribute to teaching profession in some way

As a teacher, it is important to contribute to the wellbeing of the profession in any way possible.

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Reflection on ISTE Standards

I have been using digital technologies during the learning processes.

For presentation I use PowerPoint and Prezi

I utilize YouTube videos in learning processes because YouTube has many videos with lectures and information about what I want to learn or deliver to others.

I also use emails as a form to communicate my ideas to others.

I would try my best to be a leader in introducing new technologies. New technologies can play an important role in learning processes.

Website utilization for publishing my view points has been amazing. I made a simple website to publish some of the text material that I developed and this was an amazing experience for me.

Social media like Twitter can be a useful tools to communicate to others and share your point of view

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The ISTE can prove useful in two ways. First is the fact that the implementation of these standards can be useful to identify the potential of the students and engage them in learning activities with the help of digital technology so that they can become more innovative and critical thinkers. Secondly the application of these standards can be useful for the teachers themselves as they could become aware of the changing learning techniques and of the recent research in the field of the use of technology for engaging with students and their parents.

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Thank You!