10 Essential Qualities for the Future that add strategic value to an organization

For this paper, I made a personal assessment in regards to the ten essential qualities for the future. Then I presented them to three people to make an assessment about me based on what my perception is of myself. I then brainstormed about what I need to do to be good and more efficient at the ten qualities. In the final part of the paper I would focus on the “things” that I need to do to be able to work for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) a non-profit organization. The details of the process that I carried out are provided in the following discussion.

  1. Passion for the mission of the organization

Self-Assessment: I have always strived to believe in what I opt to do. Be it by studies or my personal life. I believe that I have to be a part of a team to be in any organization. I think of myself who understands the needs of the place that I work at but I cannot resist the urge to point out what wrong in those place and what needs to be corrected even if it is the mission of the organization.

Assessment after feedback from three commentators: According the opinion of the three people, I am a bit choosy and rely on my own capabilities as I point out corrections in the things related to an organization that might be not under my duties or powers.

Self-Improvement Plan: I believe that I need to build trust in others and specifically the overall activities of the organization that may be a part of. This also gives me a view that I have to trust on the overall “mission” of my family and be less critical.

  1. Creativity

Self-Assessment: I believe that I am a creative person who looks for new solutions to things irrespective of the present standards of the society. Having said that, I do not think a lot about what I am applying and do not do a lot of research about the creative activities that I do.

Assessment after feedback from three commentators: According to the comments, I believe in do not care as much for the opinions of others and the norms of the society. I do things that I am not sure of the consequences of.

Self-Improvement Plan: I have to learn to cooperate with others and stop applying quick solutions by labeling them as creative. I have to be utility focused and think about the utility and benefits of the things that are already in place instead of “creatively” changing everything.

  1. Initiative

Self-Assessment: I have the ability to take initiative. Sometimes I might take initiatives before the due time and it proves to be not so beneficial.

Assessment after feedback from three commentators: I am a person who does thing in a hurry without giving it a fruitful thought. I have to slow down before I get in deep trouble when making huge decisions in a big organization.

Self-Improvement Plan: I will try my best to learn management techniques and time management. I need to study literature to know about how to plan before I actually take an initiative. I have realized that taking initiative also needs planning.

  1. Intellect

Self-Assessment: As I have been doing self -assessment, I have come to realize that I am consider myself to be intelligent enough to make critical decisions but I may be wrong. I need more time and experience.

Assessment after feedback from three commentators: As you have realized that you might be on the wrong track, get on the right track before it’s too late.

Self-Improvement Plan: I have the realization that I need to be better to make critical decisions and solve problems. I will focus on decision making and conflict resolution techniques in my course and contact my teachers to let me know how to get the most out of this course material.

  1. Empathy and the ability to inspire trust

Self-Assessment: I do not think that I am able to inspire trust. I believe that I am empathetic but I don’t feel I am rusted to the extent that I deserve.

Assessment after feedback from three commentators:  I am finding excuses and blaming other for the changes that I need to make when I have to gain the trust of others.

Self-Improvement Plan: I will start to work as a better team member and be careful about how I interact with others. I need to be a good listeners to understand the expectations of other and hence gain their trust.

  1. Symphony

Self-Assessment: My personality is to look at the specifics and small thing. In other words I look at the parts and not the whole scenario. I believe that it is a good strategy. If the parts are corrected, the whole will get corrected itself.

Assessment after feedback from three commentators: There are times in life where you have to trust the abilities of others and be above the specifics and look at the big picture as the specifics are already corrected and you have to contribute to the big picture.

Self-Improvement Plan: I will work on identifying what has already been done when it comes to the specifics and how can I contribute to the big picture. I will look at the whole as well as I have been looking at the small things till now.

  1. Play

Self-Assessment: I try my best to play along with the plan that is already derived but as I said earlier I find problems in what is already going on and find for solutions out of my mind.

Assessment after feedback from three commentators: Those who cannot play along cannot not succeed. You have you have to differentiate where you have to act on the decisions of others and where can u make your own decisions.

Self-Improvement Plan: I need to learn to work on my own as well as a part of a team. We are doing team work activities in our class and I believe those are a good way of starting to play along with other members who are a part of a task along with me.

  1. Narrative

Self-Assessment: I do not think myself to be a good narrative builder. I am straight forward and do not describe thing in lengths.

Assessment after feedback from three commentators: According to the comments if I remain on the same track of not going into depths and explaining myself, I won’t make a good leader. People need a narrative to believe even in the truth.

Self-Improvement Plan; I will improve my presentations skills. Will learn to describe thing in more details than I am already doing.

  1. Design and aesthetic sensibility

Self-Assessment: I believe that there should be a proper design to the activities we do. It should be appealing to the aesthetics of others especially the management and leadership of the organizations that I work for.

Assessment after feedback from three commentators: It is a good quality to be able to understand the design needs of the activities of an organization. Everything should be done in a systematic manner.

Self-Improvement Plan: I need to focus on the system design related subjects as this is the area that I could be the area where I could professionally thrive.

  1. Meaning

Self-Assessment: I believe that without meaning, there could be not serious effort to do just anything. I personally do what I think appeals to me. But I am not good at communicating the purpose of the work to others.

Assessment after feedback from three commentators: To be a good leader, it is pertinent to be able to make others believe in what they are doing. You have to make others get the most of their work both professionally and personally.

Self-Improvement Plan: I have come to understand the importance of making other’s believe in me and the tasks that are assigned to them. In the future I will focus on strategies that would enable me to communicate efficiently with other people when it comes to the organization long and short term goals.

Plan to work for USAID

 USAID is an American non-profit organization that works around the work in helping the deserving communities in improving their life situations in a variety of fields including, basic human rights, agriculture, democracy, and education and so on. I plan to work of this organization in the future. They basic ingredients of my planning to first make improvements to my professional skills in the light of the above discusses essential future qualities. When I have the option to do an internship as part of my studies, I will try my best to be a part of the USAID internship program. The details of how to work for USAID and an intern or a professional are offered by the USAID in their series of trainings on how to work for them (“Training Series on How to Work with USAID | U.S. Agency for International Development,” n.d.). These training sessions are carried out at different avenues across the world.  Attending these sessions is the best way to get on the USAID radar.



Training Series On How To Work With USAID | U.S. Agency for International Development. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.usaid.gov/work-usaid/get-grant-or-contract/trainings-how-work-usaid