Thursday, 12 January 2017





TO:           Dr. Mahdi Saad

CC:          Dr, Anwar Saad

FROM:    Jamal Alruwaili, “Alruwaili Consultants”

RE:           Consultancy services for medical and management training



We have conducted a thorough analysis of different activities at our organization and have identified some deficiencies at different levels of our medical services organization. These deficiencies are found in both medical and management activities of your organization. These issues are productivity inefficiency, poor customer services, late arrival at work by some employees and outdated skills of the medical professionals. These are quality of service issues and can undermining the standards of the medical services that your organization offer. These problems need your immediate response.

We believe that your organization needs further improvement on two levels. First is the training of the medical staff to enable them get acquainted with new research and medical skills on regular basis. Secondly, we believe that your non-medical staff requires sufficient training in time management strategies, professional communication, motivation to work and customer care.

Our organization has been offering consultancy services in various fields including medical and management for over ten years. We have many success stories at our organizational CV. We would be delighted to be a part of the process that would undoubtedly enable your healthcare organization become one of the top medical health provider.