Global Fiscal Crisis – My Two Cents Thoughts about People’s Involvement

The world is a rich place with many different facets, like natural resources and the economy. Today, the world is experiencing an economic collapse in every country – small and large, rich and poor.

Reflection: To have the guts to cut (Kurt Vonnegut: “How to write with style”) is a lot of work. Some sentences or phrases written may sometimes seem so important but often, they only end up confusing the readers about what the essay is about. It does not have to be long and pointless, rather, simple and accurate. Let the supporting details do the work.

The researchers agreed that the United States may have processed some products and services worth a higher GDP, except, the products are most likely produced in countries with feeble USD rates. This lets the country’s GDP decrease unlikely.

Reflection: Just like what Kurt Vonnegut would do, I decided to keep it simple (3, “How to write with style”). I replaced some words with synonyms we are more familiar with. Because it is only a simple paragraph, you do not need to use a wide range of vocabulary that much. As much as possible, I tried to avoid complex words and stick to the basic ones. It will only tangle the paragraph into locks of words that make it hard to understand. Sometimes keeping your words simple makes them more eloquent.

Brazil also suffered from a crisis. Considering it ranks the seventh most developed economy in the world, the people were shocked as if there was no way for it to happen. But just like any other country, Brazil faces problems too. Discovering its largest oil pots, Brazil’s former president President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva begets complacency with his country’s economy. He even referred to the oil discovery as the nation’s “passport to the future” but unfortunately, it was not, entirely.  We can say that 2009 is Brazil’s definite heyday, but it is during the 2011-2015 that the economic stagnation occurred. The country’s business levels became equatorial when President Dilma Rousseff was in charge (Biller, “Brazil’s Highs and Lows”). 

Reflection: Not much was changed in this paragraph but cutting sentences, even the shortest phrases, is like getting a haircut and ended up getting your hair shorter than you have expected it to be. Although I deleted some sentences, I replaced them with sentences that I want to tell other people. This writing style falls under Kurt Vonnegut’s rule number six in writing with style: Say what you mean to say. There are guidelines that we follow in writing and some may even tell us to use impacting words that will make the paragraph more effective, though it will not be as original as it would be if you write it with your heart rather other’s.

There was an absolute shock regarding the nation’s sudden decrease in GDP from the 13th of September to the 15th. The GDP shrunk by almost 4% in just one day.

Reflection: I tend to ramble in this certain paragraph by adding some insignificant intelligence about the present condition of the government officials of Brazil. The information had nothing to do with this essay’s idea and it seemed to not get along with the other details regarding Brazil’s GDP so I’ve decided to follow one of Vonnegut’s suggestion: to avoid rambling (Kurt Vonnegut, “How to write with style”).

Here is the top three according to World Bank (“Economy Rankings”):

Economy Business Ease Starting One Permits Taxes Trading Resolving Insolvency
Singapore 1 10 1 5 41 27
New Zealand 2 1 3 22 55 31
Denmark 3 29 5 12 1 9


Reflection: I did not think the “top three countries with highest GDP” chart is important at all, so I resolved to just strike that one out. Including the chart, I think, is like violating every rule Kurt Vonnegut forenamed in “How to write with style”.

A country’s GDP growth is important. It defines a nation’s economic stability and ability to provide for its citizens as a developing one. It must always be ascending in order to supply the country’s needs. A low GDP substantiates a bonsai country: Somewhere that remains short in growth and applies regression. What, you may ask, are some remedies countries could do? Economic Solutions enumerate the following counteractions that countries, and its divisible components, down to the littlest communities, can do:

Reflection: I opted for writing with my own voice. I do not get to do this quite often but sometimes it is better to show your own perception of things and how you perceive them to be. Vonnegut told us that we must – at all cost – sound like ourselves and not be an echo of another idea. So in this paragraph, I added some of my own ideas regarding the topic. This also falls to number 7: pity the reader. Is the paragraph helping the reader? Yes? Then go beyond the verge and extend more help to the audience by putting additional learning: your own.

Conclusion: A reading material does not always have to be long. It requires precision and accuracy. We have been taught to follow different sets of rules in writing ever since but it would not hurt to create our own style for some time. Kurt Vonnegut (“How to Write with Style”) shared his knowledge in writing with style to us through seven different guidelines: 1.) “Find a subject you cared about”; We cannot write about something we do not have information of. We must always study our topics and let ourselves grow in it as we write. 2.)
“Do not ramble”; It is a tough time for us to not inevitably add miscellaneous information to our content, sometimes they go too far from the topic but we just can’t help not to include those phrases because it sounds good. But we must fight this urge. 3.) “Keep it simple”; Simplicity is beauty indeed. 4.) “Have the guts to cut”; This is somewhat the hardest for me to follow. If it is not important, strike it off. 5.) “Sound like yourself”; Be original. 6.) “Say what you mean to say”; We must not only depend on other’s information, but also ours. And of course, 7.) “Pity the readers”; The writing material should always be helpful to the reader’s minds. After all, it is addressed to them.