Elections are a formal and organized event in which public of a specific country select their leader through voting system. People apply for these elections for various positions or political offices allotted by government. In this paper, the predicted electoral winner of the 2016 presidential elections is portrayed along with three major hot button political issues which will drive voter’s interest towards him.

For elections 2016, many candidates have applied and are leading and beating each other with flying colors. According to analysis, Mitt Romney is leading among all the candidates making his majority in 30 states in total. He has a far better approach towards winning electoral campaign of 2016. He was also the republic nominee in elections held in 2012. There are various issues which are appealing voters to vote for Mitt Romney in the next presidential elections. Some of these issues can be described as war in Iran, refugee crisis and threat of ISIS.

Starting with the first issue of this problem which is war in Iran, it is one of the major issues which have raised public attention towards itself.  It is one of the greatest security threats to America nowadays. Mitt Romney has assured people in his campaigns that in case of his approval for the presidential campaigns through votes, he will put an end to the war like situation of Iran without any approval from congress. It is widely known that Iranians have become a nuclear threat to United States of America. Mitt Romney implied that through hiss presidential powers, he will make sure to put an end to this act. He will take military actions against these unlawful forces. It also focuses on the correction of foreign policy which is failed by president Obama in his opinion. According to Romney, congress has nothing to do with taking necessary decisions in this regard. According to him, president can take prompt steps for this issue in just a single day. Mitt Romney portrays easily demonstrated and convincing promises for this problem which drew voter’s attraction towards him to a great extent.

The next issue raised in this regard is refugee crises. In United States of America, here is huge refugee movement found. Most of the refugee population has moved to America from Syria. The solutions to this problem cannot be easily portrayed as it is one of the most diverse issues of the country. Mitt Romney has presented a number of solutions for this problem such as stopping the boats of refugees from entering the country. The current people moved from Syria can also be observed by making observations with the date provided till now. Romney drew voter’s attention towards himself by his addresses in which he mentioned that the problem regarding refugees cannot be easily correlated but it can be maximizing passport control and taking other legalization steps.

The third and most important issue is the threat of ISIS to United States of America. Recently, in one of his speeches, Mitt Romney has slammed the current president of America, Barrack Obama. He implied on the fact that the current president has made poorly developed strategies in this issue and country is on the edge of being attacked by ISIS. The fear of Jihadists movement has become one of the greatest fears of American public during his era. He gained public attention by his statement comparing Paris’s current situation with America’s future. Many people got inspired through his words of wisdom regarding policy changing regarding Jihadists on a serious note.

In the end, it has been observed that people from over 30 states are planning to vote for Mitt Romney due to his extra ordinary skills of removing error from people’s hearts as the issues discussed above are a major fear of the people of America.