Criminal Law Case: The case of Ted Bundy


Ted Buddy is believed to be involved in around 30 murders. He was arrested in 1975 but there was little evidence to connect him to the crimes that he was thought of committing. In 1977, Bundy was convicted for kidnaping. Before he could have been tried for any murder case, he ran away from the police custody and murdered three more people in 1978. There were always questions raised about any physical evidence that might exist from his crimes by his defense lawyers and he would get away with it. But this time the forensic evidence lead to him being sentenced to death. He lift teeth marks on the buttock of one of the victims. He had crooked teeth and it was not difficult to match them to the teeth marks on the victim’s buttocks. He was also convicted for the murder of Kimberly Leach, a 12 years old. There was a fiber found in his van that was a positive match to the victims clothing.