Case: How to win friends and influence business people: Quantify IT Risks and Value

Do you agree with the notion that IT investments can be treated in the same manner as financial investments and similarly quantified by putting a dollar value to them? Why or why not? Would your answer change depending on the type of IT investment under consideration?

To make a decision in investing in IT companies, we have to look at the current global trend, which companies are thriving with success? The obvious answer is IT companies. In fact, huge global incorporations like Google and Facebook are all results of IT revolution. Investing in an IT company is a good decision in my opinion. Before such a decision is made, it is better to look at the progress of the company you are investing in in the stock market over the last some time. The trends of its success or failure will tell you the whole story.

Costs and risks are a part of each and every business and investment. I think that they should not stop a person from investing because this is how the business word progresses. All I would suggest is to take calculated risk by analyzing the current market and economic situation. The more you do it, the good the investment decision you will probably make.

Second Point of View

I agree with IT is one of the method to invest and can be use in the same way of using the same process to expand their business. also the risk of analysis help to find all the necessary information of the investment for the companies. it is very difficult to manage a business without know the process but i m  glad we have the advance technology, we can search all the necessary information of each investor. IT is one of the long process to invest which is more good because the profits is more higher for the investors.

i believe the notion of the IT investment should be quantified and the information of the technology can be manipulated data and we can use as technology communication for examples the cellphones, computers and other instruments. it is very important for the investors to increase the amount of the investment in that way their productivity will be much more for the companies and investors will obtain more profits.