Formulation and Implementation Issues

Formulation issues include:

  • Lack of understanding of requirements. This issue can be fixed by improvement in communication and documentation.
  • Goals are not specific or attainable. It is important to set SMART goals which mean that the goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.
  • Underestimated threats, or missed opportunities will impact the strategy in the long run.
  • Strategy is not comprehensive enough.
  • Strategy works in theory but does not fit timing or resources constraints due to lack of understanding of constraints.

            Implementation issues include:

  • Changes in environment and resources that the company cannot control affect the strategy implementation. Strategy needs to be modified to fit new circumstances.
  • Unexpected implementation costs in different regional center of the company. The strategy can be slightly modified to adapt to different needs and circumstances of different regions.
  • Strategy becomes outdated and the implementation becomes expensive than other alternatives.
  • New problems appear in implementation due to poor executive of strategy or waste of resources.