Opportunities for Juice Companies in San Antonio

The opportunity for a business to thrive in this market depends on the target customer, location, affordability, and effectiveness. Recently in San Antonio there has been a focus on the large rate of obesity with the Alamo City being one of the most obese places in the United States at 31% (San Antonio Area Foundation, 2017). One may attest the disheartening status by the hot weather, lack of exercise, or just Texas food is so good! To decrease the standing of the obese ranks there is an organic juicing company looking to establish itself in San Antonio, Texas. There are three ways this business can be successful. Provide affordable juice, market to healthy and obese, and put a Texas flair on it.

The first step for this business to be successful is making the juice affordable. One of the easiest ways to do this is source local produce that is in season. When produce is in season the taste is better and so are the prices. A way to add to the desire for the organic juice is promote local growers and advertised limited recipes. Marketing is imperative because people want to know the benefits of the product. Healthy people want to stay healthy and obese people want to get there. By providing an appetizing product to both and making it affordable is key. One of the benefits is the influx on people from California and the trend setter style of living. Finally, the juice company must have a Texas flair to it. People in the state (myself included) has intense, unexplainable pride and if the company uses that to their advantage there should be no problem with success. Local produce with catchy names like the Lonestar Strawberry Spinach Smoothie or something of that nature would suffice.

Current trends in healthy living shape the food industry. Changes in people’s exercise habits, nutrition, and relaxation techniques all play a part in the success of retail businesses. The organic juicing company is making an arrival at the right time in the right place. According to (Greene, 2017), “The Global Wellness Institute estimates that the worldwide wellness industry grew by 10.6 percent to $3.72 trillion between 2013 and 2015, while the global economy shrank -3.6 percent—making it one of the world’s fastest-growing markets.” Plain and simple healthy living as a business is where it is at and has no sign of slowing down.

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