Annotated Bibliography Kansas State Tourism

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This webpage provides details of the different ways you can have fun hunting in Kansas. There is a link to the official wildlife department’s website which provide an overview of the legal status of hunting in Kansas. A hunter gallery is available with amazing images of different people hunting in Kansas.

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Information about different tourism options in Kansas can be found here. It has different traveling options available. There are details of booking hotels and other places to stay in. Information about different travel attractions is also available on this webpage. It is better to visit this website before actually visiting Kansas.

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This website has abundance of information about tourism opportunities at Kansas. It provides information about different events that take place at different cities in Kansas that could be of interest to the tourists. It also has information about outdoor stores in Kansas. If someone is interested in doing business in Kansas, the website has all the legal information available for them.

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This is the official Kansas tourism website. It has different categories of different tourism opportunities in Kansas. For example information about traveling with a family is available on the website. Information about how to enjoy the road trips is also available. Categories about the history of Kansas, outdoor adventures and bird watcher could be of the utmost importance for the website visitors.