Should the media be allowed to airbrush ads of both females and males in popular magazines? Support your opinions with evidence. Use MLA citations and respond to two peers.

In response to the question of should the media be allowed to airbrush ads in popular magazines, I believe that it is not wise in doing so. Since airbrushing is a technique used to make the picture of something look “better”, airbrushing makes the pictures that are published in magazines more far away from the actual person. Many researchers have concluded that airbrushing contributes to about 70 percent of girls feeling “depressed, guilty, and shameful of themselves” (Bailey). In trying to create the “perfect” image, common people are finding these images to be too perfect, to a point that their real images of themselves, of how they look, are negatively affecting them. Since how they look does not look as good as the perfect image, they come to believe that they are not beautiful or pretty enough. This is also due to the fact that the media is “altering people’s perceptions of what beauty should be” (Bailey). Due to this body image distortion, more young girls and boys are wanting to be skinnier, contributing to unwanted eating disorders at a young age. Airbrushing doesn’t help in protecting people’s self-esteem and boosting confidence; instead it lowers confidence and makes people depressed, due to the media’s definition of what “perfect” is. While it might not be legal to completely shut down the operations of the media on airbrushing, it is important to raise awareness of the negative effects of airbrushing on the people of society.