Explain the importance of agile modeling in prototyping and the four main types of prototyping.

Agile modeling is in itself a modeling technique that can help in thinking out of the box and create innovative solutions. It can be useful in all prototyping techniques as it will help us design prototypes that have the full potential to come close to the actual needs of the end users.

Patched-Up Prototype

These prototypes have all the required features that could make it functional but it is still not working. Agile techniques can help us in thinking about the interaction of features and find out the errors and rectify them.

Non-operational Scale Models

Agile technique can help us identify means to find simple solutions to complex problems as in these prototyping models the required coding that has the capacity to make the prototype work is both expensive and complex.

First-of-a-Series Prototype

This is the most effective prototype that has the full features and is ready to be introduced to the users. Agile techniques can help in making these prototypes more in line with the needs of the users by collaborating with the users in the prototype design phase.

Selected Featured Prototype

In this type of prototype, few selected features that are the parts of the whole product design are prototyped. Agile techniques can help us decide which features to use for prototyping.