Case Study : More Quality from Work?

What use, if any, could the above ideas be in helping to solve the problem?

To solve the problem important is to highlight how performance of a business or working arena is affected and by what ways it can be polished up. Therefore proper decision making for management and leadership is important to figure out the right process as well as technique in order to improve the overall decisions. Research shows that those who are less decision makers naturally, often make quality assessments and they need proper trainings in order to make proper assessments as well as decisions. Problem solving and decision making are linked with one another and in this regard, creativity as well as proper developing options is required. In this regard brainstorming should be done to see what the actual needs of the employees are and how they can be catered. Among all, increasing the wages can naturally boost up the morale of the employees and this method can in the end help in bringing valuable outcomes. Secondly, better incentives is another method with the help of which employees can be encouraged and this method can in the end help in adding quality outcomes too. Therefore it is important to first highlight the need of the customer and then work accordingly. This method can eventually help in solving the problem and in the end outcomes can be generated as per the favorable conditions.

Solving problems can eventually add in the real value for work and this in the end helps in generating optimal outcomes for the organization too. Therefore motivating employees correctly and at right time is important as it helps in enhancing the real value of a business and this also helps in bringing potential outcomes too.

Can you build on the ideas produced in any way so as to improve them?


Improving quality of the work and bringing in more valuable outcomes is important as it helps in enhancing the overall performance of the business. I believe improving working environment is equally important as it helps in polishing the overall working conditions and this method in the end helps in adding in valuable outcomes for the overall working arena. Therefore after reading the case it is assumed that identifying the issue and solving it is equally important as it helps in finding out the actual problem and how it can be further solved. Last but not the least, competition level should be highlighted and employees should be informed about this so that they can work accordingly. This is the only possible way with the help of which overall working conditions can be polished. If working environment is improved and enhanced, this can for sure helps in generating optimal outcomes. Improved working equipment’s can also help in generating potential outcomes and important is to highlight the core need of the employees. This method can also help in improving the quality of work.

Try using some of the other problem restatements to produce insights into the problem.

Some common problem restatements of any working environment are: how to bring in valuable outcomes for the business, how employees can be motivated towards work, how value added services can be included, how employees can be motivated towards high rated work and how employers-employees relationship can be polished. These above mentioned restatements are important to be noted as it helps in highlighting the actual need of the business and how quality can be added.

Achieving job enrichment as mentioned in the case is termed as an important restatement and it also helps in enhancing the overall working conditions of a working environment. Therefore important is to see what are the needs as well as demands of the employees and how employers can enrich them.