Identify a successful organization that you would consider operates in an international business environment. Research and explain in your words how they conduct/carry out their international trade and what factors they needed to identify to function effectively

Nike is an athletic shoe company  based in the U.S but operates in more than 200 countries. Nike primarily focuses on marketing their shoes and contracts factory owners to do the manufacturing on their behalf. However Nike controls the important aspects of manufacturing such as the design and the material used in production.

One particular aspect that has caused Nike to receive criticism is its international working conditions. This is because although Nike is based in the U.S most of its manufacturing operations are done in low wage countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia  where there is unpleasant working conditions.

Unfortunately Nike, has been accused of violating laws that relate to working condition and child labor laws. Nike should focus on the protests regarding violation of child labor and unsafe working environments in factrories they have contracted to produce their products.

The company should be aware of external environments surrounding international business operatios and know how to develop strategies to fit the global environment.