Reflection Essay

The United States Air Force needed help on constructing their military robots in a more sensitive manner, hence turned to Nuerala which in turn sought funding help from a state-run Chinese company. Basically, this means that the Chinese government had total control on this upgrading process, thus giving it an upper hand. The above mentioned government is known for doing such investments, with an aim of improving the country’s economic status as well as grabbing an opportunity to exercise technology that is not locally available. Ideally, such business transactions may, in one way or another, compromise Americas security system but on the other hand, Chinese get to enjoy several benefits as well as profits.

Considering that Chinese military poses a competition to the U.S military, such transactions should be conducted very carefully. In this particular one Chinese government can easily access sensitive information regarding U.S government and military technologies, in which the security of the state will be at stake. An initiative done by the U.S Air Force of coming up with Defense Innovation Unit Experiment, a department that would invest on upcoming companies with promising ideas, minimizes chances of seeking external funding. Consequently, less external power form different states will be experienced in upcoming military ideas, thus not compromising the security of the state.

Not all money is good money for a start-up idea in need of cash flow. Consequences likely to result from some sources of funding should be given priority before entering into an agreement with the source. For instance, if China decides to be malicious, or gets an opportunity where information about the U.S military is of help to them, they would not break a sweat to access the information. Yet, the U.S government had an option to fund the upgrading process by itself, only that upcoming ideas were not its priority at that time. However, if pros and cons concerning the source of funding are thoroughly considered, some money can be good money.