Some people believe the most important environmental goal is to sharply reduce the rate of population growth in less-developed countries, where at least 92% of the world’s population growth is expected to take place between 2011 and 2050. Others argue that the most serious environmental problems stem from high levels of resource consumption per person in more-developed countries, which use 88% of the world’s resources and have much larger ecological footprints per person than do people in less-developed countries. What is your view on this issue? Explain.

I think that the arguments given by both types of people above is a part of a blame game where no one wants to take responsibility for the worsening conditions of climate change and global warming. The uncontrolled increase of human beings in the underdeveloped world is a factor contributing to climate change because as this number increases, there would be a pressure on the natural resources. Uncontrolled consumption of natural resources to serve the developed world is also a factor contributing to climate change and global warming as it is a cause of fossil fuel burning and carbon emission.