In the early 1990s, Miguel Sanchez, a subsistence farmer in Costa Rica, was offered $600,000 by a hotel developer for a piece of land that he and his family had been using sustainably for many years. The land, which contained an old-growth rain forest and a black sand beach, was surrounded by an area under rapid development. Sanchez refused the offer. What would you have done if you were in Miguel Sanchez’s position? Explain your decision.

            The best step that I would have taken in case I was in Miguel Sanchez position was to refuse the offer. The forest by itself offers several advantages that the money cannot provide. Given that my sustainability has been entirely based on the Forest and chances of such sustainable life trend to continue are very high as compared to the amount I never knew to utilize and manage, it will be of great importance to living the life I have adopted. Moreover, given that Miguel was a farmer, the existence of the forest trees played an important role in maintaining constant rain, which is very much important to the continuity of the agricultural activities. The Forest will also provide timbers for other agricultural related activities. Indeed, the maintenance of the forest for such a long time was entirely based on less deforestation with an intense reforestation. Therefore, with such forest management in place, the forest will still offer credible benefits to Miguel’s well-being both socially and economically. The presence of the forest would also offer credible environmental conditions that are favorable for human life.

The forest trees aid in absorbing excess carbon dioxide, thus, act as important factors that are responsible for proper environmental climate condition around the region. Such favorable environmental conditions would play important roles in encouraging enjoyable well being. Moreover, forest trees act as water catchment areas. That means that Miguel will not be paying water bills, including more electricity bills because he will be using the dry trees as firewood while replacing them with other new planted trees. However, such advantages would not be enjoyed if the hotel developer were given an opportunity to buy and construct the hotels in the forest. The developer will clear the forest for the hotel construction. Such clearance of the forest will make life difficult not only for other living organisms in the forest but also people living around the forest including Miguel who may not move away from the forest place. Perhaps Miguel would not suffer greatly, as he might choose to invest into another booming business, but what of his generation to come. Will they be able to enjoy the obviously possible hash climatic condition as a result of the forest clearance. For that matter, the best step to engage If I was Miguel was to ignore the offer and continue with the agricultural activity in the forest while ensuring a proper forest management. Among such forest management initiatives would involve, a higher level of reforestation as compared to deforestation and planting of new trees