In 2009, environmental analyst Lester R. Brown estimated that reforesting the earth and restoring the earth’s degraded rangelands would cost about $15 billion a year. Suppose the United States, the world’s most affluent country, agreed to put up half of this money, at an average annual cost of $25 per American citizen. Would you support doing this? Explain. What other part or parts of the federal budget would you decrease to come up with these funds?

I think that there could not be any more important cause where I can contribute with just 25$ a month than to save our shared environment. We spend a lot of money on a lot of useless things on daily basis. If I had to contribute 25$, I would save the money by decreasing my fuel consumption. This would be just like hunting two birds with one arrow.

About the federal budget, I am always in favor of decreasing defense budget in all countries and contributing this money to social and environmental causes. I would, therefore, suggest a decrease in the federal annual defense budget.